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Suicide bombings in Baghdad kill at least 32 people

Suicide bombings in Baghdad kill at least 32 people

In a market area in Baghdad, Iraq, a twin suicide bombing took place. The attack caused at least 32 deaths and wounded a dozen more.

The officials have given a few comments about the bombings only, and it was the first attack of this scale in years. The Bab al-Sharqi market place, which is located in central Baghdad, was the target of the bombings. This has caused some tension towards the elections that have been planned to happen earlier than normal this year.

When the officials arrived, the busy market had blood splatters all over, and piles of clothing and footwear were found lying around. Later that evening, people gathered to the same market area to carry the coffins away. The time of the attack has raised a lot of questions all around the world since the attack happened only one day after President Joe Biden became the president of the United States. Until this day, no one has officially taken responsibility for the bombings, but in the interviews, the military of Iraq suspects that the Islamic State group did it.

32 people dead and 110 wounded

Hassan Mohammed al-Tamimi, the health minister of Iraq, has said that 32 people were killed during the attack, and 110 more were wounded. All the hospitals were working after the bombings to help everyone in need. The first number of dead people that was announced was 28, but it has now risen to 32.

The spokesman of the Joint Operations Command has shared more information about the events and how the bombings happened. Maj. Gen. Tahsin al-Khafaji has said that before the first attract, the bomber was in the market area and started to ask people for help. He told them he was ill and tried to get people to gather closer to him. After that, he used the explosive belt and detonated it. The second suicide bombing happened only shortly after the first one, but the officials haven’t shared much information about that.

Even Pope Francis at the Vatican gave a statement on the attack. He is encouraging Iraq to get rid of violence and replace it with peace, and the whole country should keep on working towards it. This message was sent to Iraq’s president as Pope Francis is expected to visit Iraq this year in March.


These bombings done by twins came some days after the government of Iraq decides to keep the date of the elections in early October. The Iraq Prime Minister announced several months ago, in July, that the anti-government protesters‘ demands must be taken into account while the pools are held.

During the last year, the anti-government protest was taken to the streets with the number of participants near ten thousand. During the riots, five hundred people were killed because the police and security forces needed to use tear gas and live rounds to end the riots.

Another topic related is that Iraq is now having a big economic crisis due to the low price of oil, which had two principal consequences: depleting the currency reserves and borrowing internally. The value of the coin was reduced by 20% by the Central Bank of Iraq in order to accomplish the spending obligations.

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