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Land Mines

The Women Who Clear Land Mines to Make Their Lives Safe...

After a war that continued for tens of years, Yazidi women in northern Iraq are now risking their lives to remove unexploded mines from...
Terrorist act

Terrorist act in Europe by its diplomat

Assadollah Assadi, the terrorist-diplomat of Iran, was the leader of the largest terrorism and espionage network in Europe. In July 2018, he was arrested...
Muslim population

Increased attacks on the Muslim population in France

Increased attacks on the Muslim population in France France holds the highest number of Muslims in the Western parts of Europe. 2019 alone saw a...
Student Detained

Student Detained Over Plans To Attack Mosques

Singapore authorities have detained a 16-year-old student accused of planning to attack Muslims at two of Singapore's mosques. The student detained without trial was...
Terror Alert

HDHS Issues New Terror Alert to Warn of Domestic Extremist Attacks

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a new domestic terrorism advisory, warning of more possible right-wing extremist attacks. It is for the...
Trump Supporters

Arrests and Deaths as Trump Supporters Storm the U.S. Capitol Building

The U.S. was left reeling and in shock following the U.S. Capitol Building's storming in Washington D.C. The incident, which involved more than hundreds...
Israeli Airspace

IDF Shot Down Drone That Entered Israeli Airspace Near Lebanese Border

The Israeli military shot down a drone crossing into Israeli airspace from Lebanon, the IDF spokesperson said on Jan. 22. The military said it...
Suicide bombings

Suicide bombings in Baghdad kill at least 32 people

Suicide bombings in Baghdad kill at least 32 people In a market area in Baghdad, Iraq, a twin suicide bombing took place. The attack caused...
Militant Organization

New Militant Organization Allegedly Behind Riyadh Drone Attack

A supposedly new militant organization has claimed responsibility for Saturday’s drone attack in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Righteous Promise Brigades, which has come to the...
Boko Haram

11 Security Personnel Dead in Boko Haram Landmine Explosion

Eleven security personnel were killed in a landmine explosion in northeast Nigeria, sources from within the military said. The landmine exploded when a vehicle...

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