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Hong Kong Experts Assures of Unlikely Increase in Lone-Wolf Terrorism but External Incitements Will Rise

A recent act of lone-wolf terrorism in Hong Kong has left people with mixed reactions. Hong Kong Secretary of Security expressed disappointment in how citizens handled the situation. Chris Tang Ping-Keung slammed individuals who stood in solidarity with the suspect. The security chief said those mourning the suspect are glorifying violence. And to some extent, they are encouraging terrorism.

Details About the Hong Kong Lone-Wolf Terrorism

The suspect who stabbed the police officer also stabbed himself to death. Fortunately, the police officer, 28, sustained some injuries and did not succumb. He is still in hospital and is in good condition after surgery. The 50-year-old suspect, Leung Kin-Fai, stabbed himself in the chest to death. The employee of Vitasoy International Holdings succumbed despite emergency rescue efforts.

While the police have strongly condemned the attack, most locals expressed divergent opinions. One of the incidents involved locals wearing black T-shirts in solidarity. Others also attended the attack scene with flowers while mourning the suspect. Tang wondered if people wanted their children to emulate such behavior. And promised stun action will be taken should such acts lead to chaos and violence.

Far from that, a statement from heads of Hong Kong’s disciplinary forces condemned this attack. They reassured the public of their safety. They also affirmed their commitment to supporting polices’ enforcement actions during such events. The security chiefs further expressed disgust in how the locals handled the whole incident. For them, that is just one of the ways the public is condoning domestic terrorism. And sadly enough, this will jeopardize public safety and pose several other risks.

Lone-Wolf Terrorism and The Future of Hong Kong

The recent stabbing cases have left people wondering what will happen in the future. Many are also concerned about the phenomenon where people turned out to be mourning the attacker. Some are worried these are recipes for more acts of lone-wolf terrorism to come.

But Hong Kong experts have expressed confidence that this is unlikely to happen. The experts are confident local police have strong anti-terrorism skills to brave any of these. They also believe Hong Kong’s long-lasting peaceful atmosphere is a tool worth fighting these issues.

Lawrence Tang Fei said Hong Kong police have technical superiority to handle terrorism. This member of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies opined it is difficult for extremist ideas to thrive in the city. That is because Hong Kong residents don’t have a history of extremist actions. So, it will be challenging for a sane citizen to become a terrorist and kill innocent people.

Yet, according to Tang, external forces are the next source of threats. He warned that people might begin to act violently through external support. He further cautions the Hong Kong government to be on guard against these forces. The authorities should stop any help the extremists might get from the external parties. That way, acts of lone-wolf terrorism will reduce. Probably, the only cases will be from highly organized and skilled terrorists. Typically, when they get help from overseas extremists.

Lau Siu-Kai also supported these sentiments. The deputy head of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao believes both internal and external forces are to blame. He considers both cases exploit hatred and terrorism attacks to create fear. Moreover, these actions are likely to destabilize Hong Kong. The result will be discord between citizens and the government. He further called for more forceful measures from the police to curb these cases.

Final Words

Amid strong affirmations of an unlikely increase in lone-wolf terrorism, Hong Kong security has a lot to do. For instance, external threats could deteriorate the country’s security efforts. So, it only calls for stun preparation and response against terrorism.





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