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United States Forces to end its 20 Year War in Afghanistan’s Soil

The removal process has been ongoing currently at 90%.  The remaining 600 troops continue to provide security in the Bagram Airbase, United States Embassy in Kabul, and the Hamid Karzai International Airport. The removal efforts climaxed a week ago as the United States’ top Commander in Afghanistan relinquished his position. According to reports in Kabul, Gen. Scott Miller announced his resignation in a ceremony attended by the press. The left of the senior Commander signals a bold move to end the 20-year-old war against Al-Qaida and other insurgents in Afghanistan. In the flag-passing ceremony, the General took a moment to remember the United States, N.A.T.O soldiers, and Afghan civilians killed in the war against the Al-Qaida terror organization. In addition, he proposed a political dialogue between the Al-Qaida, Taliban Fighters, and the Afghan Government to restore peace.

Change of Guard for a Successful Transition

Consequently, the replacement of Gen. Scott Miller with General Frank Mackenzie, who was the head of Central Command in Tampa, is a signal for a new dawn. Additionally, the General will be operating remotely from Tampa Florida, helping to coordinate possible airstrikes in defense of Afghan Government forces. Again, Gen. Scott Miller will be in Afghanistan for a little longer to oversee the transition and oversee empowerment programs for the Afghan Forces. Moreover, The United States Military has been training Afghan forces for a successful transition.

Al-Qaida remains a threat even after the United States Troops claim victory over them

Al-Qaida’s presence is a big concern even after the Unites States Military claims it has weakened its operations in Afghanistan. As the troops are gradually leaving, Al-Qaida is slowly regrouping. This move is also attracting other insurgents like the I.S Khorasan. Consequently, the country is becoming a terror organizations zone as the government Forces are becoming overwhelmed by Al-Qaida and Taliban fighters. Former U.S Commander’s proposed a dialogue between the terrorist organizations and the government forces for a political settlement. Al-Qaida operations are explicitly visible in the country.  Soon we will start seeing their attacks to help in expanding their territorial dominance. As the U.S Troops are leaving, Al-Qaida commands several hundred fighters. Therefore, it is likely to intensify its recruitment process for expansion. Afghanistan is Al-Qaida’s major recruiting stronghold. It might regain control over the Government Forces that seem to shy off from the challenge.

In addition, I.S’s Khorasan is a branch of I.S from Iraq that commands a sizeable amount of control in Afghanistan. It may also intensify its operations to command more power after the U.S troops completely withdrawals.

There are reasons to believe that Al-Qaida is regrouping

Signs of Al-Qaida insurgence are visible in Kabul and other parts of Cities. According to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the Afghan forces have been facing heightened attacks from the Al-Qaida. It has been going happening since the removal process started and commenced in May this year. Consequently, Taliban attacks have been frequent as it regained control of over 10% of the country. Taliban controls 188 of the country’s 407 Districts, showing the group is now asserting itself to capture more territories.

Due to security reasons, the U.S Troops did not brief or inform the Afghan forces of their departure. Of course, this angered Afghanistan Troops. It was necessary for security reasons to be known to them. Even the Bagram’s new Commander had no information. The U.S Troops quietly left in the middle of the night. The Afghan new Commander realized two hours after they had left. They realized after they found out that lights shut down in the  U.S troops’ base station. The U.S forces were careful with how much detail they provided. The reason for this is that the information could get to the wrong people. The American Forces are constantly aware that Al-Qaida activities are rife and could respond at the slightest wind of intelligence.

No reason to worry about Al-Qaida

Both private and public military sources have indicated that Al-Qaida and I.S are a shadow of their former selves. Therefore, they could not risk an attack by the U.S Military Aircrafts and killer Drones flying over the Afghan Airspace. However, these allegations have been refuted by many as locals have witnessed heightened attacks and threats across the country. According to a VOA report, Al-Qaida is now powerful anymore. Therefore, it is now banking on a merger with the Taliban to maintain its foothold. According to the sources, Al-Qaida holds Afghanistan in high regard for its resourcefulness in recruiting and training grounds.

Al-Qaida’s Cause for Concern

According to the U.S and Central Asia Military intelligence reports, Al-Qaida is warming up for its revival, and this time they are focusing on stealth quality and less number of troops. The organization is focusing on recruiting Tech-savvy soldiers to improve the quality of their operations. Large troops have been targeting by U.S Drones and bombers. Currently, they are keen to develop their military infrastructure, logistical operations, and economic support for their operations.

A Pentagon report on April this year indicated that IS Khorasan expansion to neighboring countries is a cause for concern as the pact is likely to destabilize the region’s peace efforts.

Al-Qaida is slowly proving that not all is lost. It is reconstituting to regain its foothold as the U.S Troops gradually leave the country. Stability is far from being achieved as more insurgents eye for the promising Afghanistan future. There is a probability that violence may arise as terrorism pacts struggle to control large territories.

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