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Israel Defense Forces are hunting down terrorists Involved in Open Fire at West Bank Drive

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed a shooting incident at a bus stop in the northern parts of West Bank Drive on Sunday evening.  According to witnesses, the shots were fired by attackers in a car parked near the Tapuah intersection.

According to the survey, all of the casualties were civilians. IDF officials retaliated by shooting back at the gunmen, who fled the scene. However, search and rescue operations continue, with numerous roadblocks erected in the area. More troops will join the ongoing process of bolstering security.

Medical Operations are performed

When providing a medical update to the public, medics revealed the victims’ identities. The three individuals, Yehuda Guetta of Jerusalem, Benaya Peretz of Beit Shean, and Amichai Hala of Safed, are still receiving medical attention. The first and second victims, on the other hand, are also in critical condition and are unconscious. The third victim had only minor injuries. All of the victims were men in their early twenties. Medical experts at Petah Tikva’s Beilinson Hospital are working diligently to stabilize the health of the two critically wounded patients. According to the Israel Defense Forces, the victims were from the nearby settlement of Iltamar.

Israel Defense Forces collected surveillance videos

According to surveillance footage seized by authorities, the attackers were riding in a silver SUV. The video caught the car pulling over at the bus stop just as one of the gunmen opened fire on the victims. During a situational assessment, Israel Defense Forces vowed not to rest until the terrorists were apprehended and brought to justice.

The government has taken a stance against terrorist attacks

The government continues to combat terrorists inside our borders to protect Israeli citizens. In a statement issued following the shooting, Defense Minister Benny Gantz urged the Israel Defense Forces to protect the terrorists. In a speech, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his trust in security forces while assuring people that the attackers would be apprehended quickly. He also cautioned that authorities would not spare terrorists. President Reuven Rivlin expressed his condolences to the victims and wished them a speedy recovery. He told Israel Defense Forces of the government’s help to search for the terrorists.

Tensions are high in the West Bank

The Israel Defense Forces have increased security in the West Bank as tensions have risen due to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to postpone elections indefinitely. On the other hand, the Palestinian Authority criticized the Israeli government for denying Palestinians the right to vote in East Jerusalem. The reasoning is ambiguous to prevent elections, which will undoubtedly benefit the Hamas terror group, the Palestinian Authority’s political rivals. Because of recent events and the cancellation of Palestinian elections, the government has increased protection to ensure safety during the holy month of Ramadan.

Palestinian Retaliation against Israel’s Defense Forces

In response to the attack on Sunday, Palestinian terror groups praised the perpetrators, but none claimed responsibility. In a tweet, Hamas terror group spokesperson Abd al-Latif Qanou praised the terrorists for their resistance in the West Bank. The Israeli Defense Forces shot a 60-year-old woman who tried to assault troops with a knife. Fahima al-Hroub died while undergoing care at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center. According to footage released by the Hebrew media, the woman was seen walking towards despite being warned multiple times.

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