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The Pakistan Bus Explosion Leaves 13 Dead with Questions on the Likely Perpetrator

About 13 individuals have died in a recent terrorist attack in Pakistan. The incident that occurred around Khyber Pakhtunkhwa left four citizens from Pakistan dead. Other nine Chinese individuals were killed during the explosion, with several injuries reported. And now, the two countries believe this was a terrorist attack.

China’s Premier Li Keqiang and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan have been in contact on the issue. The two agreed that they would do all in their power to ensure the responsible parties face justice. Yet, experts are still struggling to identify the exact perpetrators.

So far, there are strong believes that terrorists from Balochistan could be accountable. Others are also claiming that the Pakistani Taliban are to blame. But neither of them is taking responsibility. That is why other divergent opinions point to a possibility of outside involvement.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed sincere condolences to the bereaved. He also hoped to get China’s support during such difficult moments. Besides, he stressed on the confidence and positive progress in investigating the matter.

Premier Li affirmed the seriousness with which his government protects its citizens. Not only that, but the country also takes seriously the security of its assets overseas. That is why he urged for rapid response in rescuing the injured. He also called for thorough investigations into the matter.

The Pakistani Taliban and Terrorist Attack

The Wednesday morning bust blast has raised more questions than answers. For one, Qian believes the Pakistani Taliban, to some extent, sponsored the terrorists. Another issue is that it is widespread knowledge that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is not safe. Furthermore, the region is near Afghanistan. It is also the terrorists’ hotspot of operations. And all these put the Pakistani Taliban at the center of suspicion.

Pakistan Taliban is notorious for attacking civilians and the army in Pakistan. And recently, Chinese projects have suffered attacks from terrorists. They are also fond of attacking business people and tourists from China. In addition, Qian points out the unhappiness from the Pakistani Taliban due to the China-Pakistan good relations.

It is also sad to note that the Pakistani Taliban operations have increased recently. The terrorists reduced their operations when the government subdued them. However, this has since changed, especially after the USA forces ceased operations in Afghanistan.

Details About the Terrorist Attack

The terrorist attack occurred in Kohistan, a region marred with endless violence. The area is highly mountainous, being that it is in northern Pakistan. And added to the steep paths within, it gets easy for terrorists to operate. These also make it challenging to track down the attackers.

Another issue raising challenge is the Pakistani government’s failure to control the area. In fact, it is the Pakistani Taliban, with its unique legal system that manages the province.

Wang Shida opined that Pakistan’s security has been good recently. That is true, especially with reduced cases of violent attacks. Sadly, attacks on Chinese nationals have been rampant, notably in the last few years.

Qian also claims that a third party may be responsible for the attack. That is because no group is yet to claim responsibility for the blast. Moreover, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has not been a welcomed idea by other countries. So, the chances are that these third parties are interfering with the success of the program.

Final Words

A lot has been said about the attack, notably on the responsible party. Some people believe the act was due to bad blood between the two countries. But both China and Pakistan have rubbished such claims. Premier Li assured that the China-Pakistan pact is about enhancing better relations. Also, their sole focus is on improving peaceful coexistence and overall security. So, there is not a single chance the two countries are fighting.



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