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Ax Armed man Injured 8 people in Vetlanda Town, Sweden

An ax armed man attempted a deadly attack on 8 people residing in some southwestern town based in Sweden. The man heavily wounded these people, and at last, he was arrested by Sweden Police after being shot once.

The Vetlanda town dripped in fear after this assaultive attack, and authorities said that it might be a “terror crime,” but the truth will come to light after the complete investigation.

A florist shop owner in Vetlanda witnessed this attack while she heard a loud scream on the street-side. Suddenly, a stabbed man entered the florist shop with blood all across his shoulder. The shop owner instantly covered his wound with towels to stop bleeding.

Young Criminal Arrested

The police arrested a young 20-year-old ax armed man who committed this assault, and he was shot by the police when he tried to get away. It is said that the criminal was alone in this act without any other partner. However, police have still arrested a suspect for further investigation.

Vetlanda is a relatively small town with over 13,500 people. The town is situated in the southeast region of the second-largest city in Sweden. This frightening incident took place in this town, and no reasons or motives behind this attack are known yet.

 Further Known Details

●  The injured suspect was admitted to the hospital after being shot by the police, and he also had some previous police crime records.

●  According to the Swedish police, the victim’s condition remained unknown at that instance.

●  The criminal is admitted to the hospital, and his injuries are not deadly; further investigations will be made after he recovers a little.

●  Vetlanda train services were also disturbed due to this saddening incident.

Police’s Reaction

A police spokesperson gave his remarks to Aftonbladet newspaper where he clearly stated that some of the victims are less injured while others have severe injuries, but not a single one of them is dead.

Malena Grann has also confirmed that the attacker was apprehended after police had to use deadly force.

Local police authorities are also actively investigating this attempted murder case, and they are trying to find other possible suspects.

Jonas Lindell from local police did not disclose much information, but he said that there are some details to the investigation.

Stefan Lofven – Swedish PM’s Reaction

Stefan Lofven marked it as a “Heinous act.” In a comment with a newsagency, he further collaborated that “We confront such heinous acts with the combined force of our society.”

Sweden in Shock 

This is not the first time when a criminal attempted murder on citizens. In 2017, a truck driver also killed 5 people by plowing his truck in a crowded place. This incident took place in Stockholm, and later the truck also crashed into a department store.

The truck driver named “Rakhmat Akilov” was arrested and proven guilty for this act; he was sentenced to life long prison.

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