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Cameroon under fire; multiple attacks and casualties

Cameroon under fire; multiple attacks and casualties

Two subsequent assaults left 22 individuals dead, counting in 4 militaries in the deceased, on Friday in Cameroon. Officials briefed the grieving masses that the Boko Haram combatants premeditated the atrocities on its Nigerian north perimeter.

The second was by separatist fighters struggling to make a sovereign English-speaking state in the country’s western areas.

Cameroon’s Far North region’s Governer, Midjiyawa Bakari, stated that after the devastating incident, the settlement on Mozogo was in ultimate bewilderment after militiamen cautioned citizens Haram terrorists from bordering Nigeria were lurking in the area.

Unfortunately, people panicked and tried to hide in the woods, but bombers had already made their home there.  Seeing the incoming people, the bombers set off their bombs, killing 11 citizens immediately. An additional three lost their lives after being bombarded by the guerrilla troop in Mozogo, a town in the Mayo Sava administrative unit. On the other hand, bombs embedded by Separatists executed five civilians, together with a lady reporter. There is yet to be any terrorist group that accepts the blame for assailing in secessionist North Western areas.

The injured were hurried to hospices in Mozogo as well as the adjacent town of Mokolo. Simultaneously, the army was positioned in the same place to protect Cameroon’s northerly boundary with Nigeria’s Borno area, the hub of all Boko Haram commotion.

A broker named Clarence Tatah survived the attack while coming from Bamenda to the seaside city of Douala. He believes that God protected his life even though he was caught in the crossfire for a good thirty minutes. He was vigilant enough to step out of the car immediately and hide underneath it. After the gunfire ceased, he saw that a pellet had gone straight in the seat where he would have been sitting! 

Superior of the Cameroon armed forces, General Valere Nka, says his forces moved numerous injured persons to infirmaries. According to him, the bodily loss was massive. He articulates that citizens have a duty to aid the army to locate the troops by informing them about any suspicious individuals in the locality they live in.

According to him, the assignment is even now colossal as there are countless mutineer campgrounds his troops must terminate.  It is domineering for all and sundry to distinguish that the army is there first and foremost to defend citizens. He is commending the residents for cooperating with the army, which is doing anything conceivable to guard citizens and their possessions to reestablish harmony.

The country has been struggling to shelter its north-most Nigerian border from Boko Haram intrusions and contesting pro-independence troops in its western district. This is the fourth consecutive year where separatists have now slain in excess of 3,000 people and evacuated beyond 500,000 additional, rendering them to the UN.

In the previous decade, Boko Haram guerrillas have been trying to establish an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. The violence has made its way to Cameroon and Chad, Niger, Benin, amongst others. The UNhas put forth that the Boko Haram ferocity has killed 30,000 individuals and evacuated nearly 2 million in the countries mentioned above.

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