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HDHS Issues New Terror Alert to Warn of Domestic Extremist Attacks

The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a new domestic terrorism advisory, warning of more possible right-wing extremist attacks. It is for the first time in a year that the DHS has sent out a warning about potential domestic terrorism attacks.

Reports indicate that some politically-motivated hardliners with anti-government sentiments and perceived grievances emanating from false narratives could muster to provoke or carry out violent activities, the DHS said in its warning.

The warning noted that right-wing extremists still pose a threat of violence across the United States despite the passage of three weeks since former US President Donald Trump roused a dangerous horde of extremists that attacked the Capitol.

While the DHS said it doesn’t have more specifics about any planned attacks, the department found it vital to warn the public through a national terrorism bulletin after inputs from intelligence agencies and law enforcers. 

Politically-motivated extremists may take inspiration from the Jan. 6 attack on the Capital to launch fresh assaults on elected representatives and government properties, the DHS warning added. It further said that the threat may continue for the next few weeks. 

The domestic terror alert comes a day after federal lawsuits against Ian Rogers, a radical Trump supporter. The charges came after raids at the 44-year-old auto repair shop owner’s residence and workplace in Napa, California. 

During the raids, law enforcers recovered objects and material typically used in making pipe bombs and other explosives. Many guns and thousands of bullets were also recovered during the Jan. 15 raids.

Rogers was arrested, and he admitted that he had already manufactured five pipe bombs, which the FBI said were entirely functional. Rogers will face about 10 years of jail time and a $10,000 fine if sentenced. 

However, Rogers insisted that he had built the pipe bombs for fun. But investigators said they also recovered two copies of a US special forces guide on modern warfare methods from his possession. Also, he carried a sticker of Three-Percenters, a right-wing extremist group, on his vehicle.

Radical supporters of former president Trump attacked the Capitol about three weeks ago, with many believing in a false and concocted narrative that the 2020 presidential election was marred by fraud. 

Wednesday’s terror advisory highlights a persisting threat from violent, right-wing associated individuals who still think President Joe Biden stole Trump’s election.

Investigators also found text messages in Rogers’ mobile phone that suggested that he believes Trump won the election and that he intended to target Democrats to make sure Trump remained the president. He even discussed possible targets for the planned attacks in his text messages, hinting at attacking Twitter and a building belonging to the democrats.

According to the FBI, Rogers wanted to personally commit acts of violence even if an organized war doesn’t suffice to keep Biden from being inaugurated as the president. He also allegedly hinted at attacking Democrats, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom, authorities said. 

Meanwhile, Rogers’ attorney has said that his client is a family man who runs a small business in Napa and has no association with any violent group.

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