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Increased attacks on the Muslim population in France

Increased attacks on the Muslim population in France

France holds the highest number of Muslims in the Western parts of Europe. 2019 alone saw a rise in the instances where Muslims were attacked. This was at a time when many people were questioning the government’s stance and responses to such events.

Abdalla Zekri, from an institution that tracks Islamophobia attacks, reported 235 separate occurrences against Muslims in France in 2020 alone. This figure had increased by 53% compared to the previous year, which registered only 154 total number of attacks.  

 The areas prone to these situations included Paris, the French Capital. This was in accordance with statements by the Anadolu Agency (AA). Additionally, there was a 35% rise in the number of attacks that targeted various mosques.

Zekri, later on, indicated that there were 70 letters sent to the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) by some Muslim critics. They also targeted various officials, and there existed allegations about lies being spread via various communication outlets concerning Muslims.

Extremism over time has been a menace that has followed many Muslims over the years. Nonetheless, there are growing reports showing that extremism is at a high rate, especially in France. Most Muslims in France have raised their objections to this kind of treatment. They also argue no relationship exists concerning Islam and violence seen from some Islamic militia groups; thus, they ought to be allowed to go on with their businesses freely without the fears of being attacked on the basis of their religion.

In October, President Macron stated that Islam is in a crisis. This was at a time when the government received much criticism due to the increased number of raids to mosques and various Islamic places. The government also came under fire due to a proposal that was meant to impose various Muslims’ limitations. This created some backlash from various Islamic states, and some even put an embargo on French products. Macron’s situation got worse when he supported Charlie Hebdo’s provoking remarks about Prophet Muhammad. He also received criticism from various international broadcasting channels.

The Anti-Muslim bill came into being after an 18 year old suspected to be of Chechen origin murdered a French teacher. This resulted in widespread attacks from gangs, with the administration issuing crackdowns. What’s more, French authorities are now administering collective punishment as long as one is a Muslim.

That bill will appear on the floor of the house and is expected to be voted on. If passed, it would seek to interfere with the Muslim community’s leaders, and it will have control of the finances from various Islamic Organizations.  However, some critics say that this move is a ploy that will result in a massive impact in the upcoming 2022 polls. Some people also say this is just one way for Macron to gain support from the far-right.

Therefore, Islamophobia remains a shifty topic as it touches the lives of up to 5 million people residing in France. The bill titled “Supporting Republican Principles” has been hailed by leaders like the French Prime Minister, who states that this bill will promote liberty and security.

This turns out to be a serious matter involving millions of Muslims from former colonies of France, who amount to 6% of France’s population.

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