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New Zealand marks Two Years since the Christchurch Mosque Killings

New Zealand marks Two Years since the Christchurch Mosque Killings

Exactly two years back, New Zealand went through one of its darkest and traumatic days. A white supremacist terrorist killed 51 worshippers who were gathered in the Christchurch mosques for their Islamic prayers.

It was the second anniversary of this horrible terrorist act, but many families are still passing through this trauma of losing their most dear ones.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Christchurch Arena just like every regular year, and it was live-streamed. The authorities and no other person ever expected this terrorist attack. The Christchurch Arena’s last year event was cancelled due to pandemic reasons and lockdown.

Relatives in the remembrance of their Loved Ones

Haroon Mahmood was one of the victims who was martyred in this terrorist attack. His wife, Kiran Munir, was very upset in the remembrance of her husband. Kiran Munir told in an interview that her husband was very loving, and they had 2 children as well. Haroon recently finished his doctoral degree, and he was very excited for this graduation ceremony before this unfortunate event.

She further added with her traumatic heart, “Little did I know that the next time I would see him, the body and soul would not be together,” she said. “Little did I know that the darkest day in New Zealand’s history had dawned. That day my heart broke into a thousand pieces, just like the hearts of the 50 other families.”

A Message from the Survivor of Terror Attempt

Among all the survivors, Temel Ataçocuğu is the bravest who was shot nine times in a gathering at  Al Noor mosque. According to him, this terror attack was a result of ignorance and racism.

He further added, “These were the attacks on all the humanity”. The survivors will keep the pain in their hearts, and the martyred ones’ relatives will never be the same again. Their saddened hearts will cry in the remembrance of their loved ones.

Attacks on multiple Mosques

The vicious Australian attacker Brenton Tarrant first headed towards Al Noor mosque on March 15, 2019. He killed 44 people present in the mosque, and many were injured. This all happened during the Muslim gathering for Friday prayers. The terrorist then headed towards the Linwood mosque, where he opened fire and killed 7 more innocent people.

Tarrant was declared guilty for murdering 51 people as well as attempting murder on 40 others and for an act of terrorism. He was later sentenced to lifetime jail without any possibility of parole.

The dangerous semi-automatic weapons were instantly banned in New Zealand after this horrible act. New laws were passed and implemented on banning firearms.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s Speech

The PM Jacinda Arden told the audience that she had lost her words and she cannot undo this horrible terrorist act. She sympathized with the relatives of the victims, and she also showed compassion towards survivors. She also mentioned the new tightened laws on firearms.

She further added that the Muslim community has been experiencing hatred and racism even before and after this attack. Arden emphasized that it is the duty of New Zealand to protect all the Muslim communities residing in this country.

“There will be an unquestionable legacy from March 15,” Ardern said. “Much of it will be heartbreaking. But it is never too early or too late for the legacy to be a more inclusive nation.”

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