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Sudan pays $335 million in compensation to the United States for Militant attacks

The US court determined, by the end of 2015, that Sudan had been directly responsible for many notable attacks, including the USS Cole attack in 2000, the 1998 attacks on the US embassy in Kenya and Tanzania, and the murder of John Granville.

One of the latest reports came from an interview with Tony Blinken who revealed that the United States had received $355 million from Sudan to compensate the families of those killed during the attacks and bombings.

Blinken gave an extremely positive response, stating that, “State Department has prioritized obtaining compensation for these victims. We hope there may be some resolution to these tragedies by helping them receive compensation.”

Lifting Sudan’s Terrorism Designation

This compensation was highly effective from the state because it minimized the detrimental consequences of its terrorism label, which had been imposed on Sudan for many decades. For Sudan, this was a very inappropriate label as it imposed multiple restrictions on trade with the US and the suspension of American foreign assistance.

A number of sanctions were lifted against Sudan in October of 2020, including at that time, the removal of the terror designation after Sudan provided $335 million in an escrow account. Furthermore, Sudan also promised to rebuild bilateral relations with Israel by 2020. Accordingly, Blinken publicly announced the release of a portion of the escrow funding on March 11.

Blinken’s Statements upon Settlement

According to Blink, the United States appreciates Sudan’s constructive efforts to resolve long-standing claims; now that this challenging and challenging process is behind us, U.S.-Sudan relations are set to begin a new chapter.

Blinken said, “their team looks forward to strengthening their bilateral relationship while participating in the work of the civil government to bring justice and freedom to the Sudanese people”.

Edith Bartley, whose father and brother perished in Kenya, spoke positively of the government, as well.

“Family members of American citizens who died as a result of bomb blasts at the US Embassy are grateful officials at the Biden-Harris administration worked diligently on the US-Sudan bilateral agreement and completed its implementation.”

Killings and Assassination in Militant Attacks

The Sudanese President, Omar al-Bashir, at that time, was sheltering and aiding Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in their operations during the bombing attacks on US embassies including Kenya and Dar es Salaam.

An official of the USAID, John Granville, was killed on New Years Day in 2008 while he was in Khartoum, Sudan. This assassination came from Al-Qaeda, and they were involved in Sudan in this crime.

While Sudan initially denied having any involvement in the USS Cole attack, after a US court decision, Sudan was convicted for the attack. It was determined that Sudan gave al-Qaeda support for the attack.

Sudan’s Settlement Amount Distribution

A spokesperson for the State Department said that these payments do not represent the first compensation payment giving Sudan to this country for the USS Cole bombing victims, and also that in an earlier private settlement the amount was $72.5 million, and now in this new settlement the US received all $335M.

During the prior US administration, the former President signed the Omnibus Bill that resolved the unequal compensation issue for families of victims in 1998 Tanzania, Kenya.

This new settlement provides for more compensation to individuals who were American residents prior to the attack than to the individuals who became citizens afterward. An additional $150 million was included in the omnibus bill as birthright nationality compensation and naturalization compensation. 

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