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Terrorist act in Europe by its diplomat

Assadollah Assadi, the terrorist-diplomat of Iran, was the leader of the largest terrorism and espionage network in Europe.

In July 2018, he was arrested together with four other accomplices after finding out that they were trying to plot a bomb attack. One of the things they had was 500g of TATP, which is highly explosive. They were to transport it from Belgium to France when the National Council of Resistance of Iran held an annual meeting in remembrance of the Iranian democracy. Thus there was a yearly rally meant to discuss it. While on a diplomatic passport, their handler had smuggled the material to Europe and handed it to the two terrorist operatives that were caught with it.

Iran has had a couple of diplomats who were charged with being tied to terrorism. However, Assadollah Assadi was the first one to face charges. The case has been in court for more than two years now. Last year in November, Assadollah Assadi, together with his co-conspirators, went to trial, and the case was adjourned till the 4th of February this year. During those years when the investigation was going on,  information about their plot was leaked, keeping the public posted. It has helped me understand the terrorist’s motivating factors and the potential implications if the attack could have taken place.

As such, policymakers have had a chance to look at things using different perspectives before deciding how to deal with the situation. the terrorists meant the plot to eliminate the Iranian resistance leader Maryam Rajavi. The reason is that the two bombers that authorities caught trafficking explosives stated that they had been instructed to get as close to him as they could before they decide to set the explosives. Thus, it is with no doubt that the main aim was to cripple the western nations.

At the “Free Iran” rally, Mrs. Rajavi interacted and stayed close to political dignitaries who were highly profiled people from different states across the world. There were dozens of Europeans and Americans in that event. Thus, had the terrorists succeeded, these prominent people and lawmakers would have suffered collateral damage. Not only that, a lot of civilians could have lost their lives that day. It is estimated that around 100,000 people worldwide on the day the terrorists set the bomb to go off.

Evidence from the investigation shows that there could have been hundreds of lost lives on that day. There was also a probability of this number moving to thousands of people because of panic. Usually, in cases of bomb attacks, many people are in panic mode and are running for their lives, which would cause stampedes. The terrorist knew this because before choosing where a terrorist attack will happen, one must pre-visit the area and find out if it is suitable. If the main aim is to cause a commotion and a significant impact, they will choose a place with many people, like the rally’s location.

 Assadollah Assadi and his accomplices had planned this terror plan for months. This was evident when the tension between the west and Tehran began to escalate. It showed that it was a response to a conflict going on for quite some time. The domestic supporters and the regime had some ongoing issues. Mrs. Rajavi was the one who handled most of the wrath of the rule, which explained why a leader like Assadollah Assadi would have considered foreseeing such a plot. It was something that had a couple of people behind. For the plan to be complete, there must have been input from president Hassan Rouhani and Ali Khamenei, the regime’s supreme leader.

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