HomeNewsThe push for the declaration of Far-right extremist groups as terrorists continues

The push for the declaration of Far-right extremist groups as terrorists continues

The push for the declaration of Far-right extremist groups as terrorists continues

Many people are already pushing for the declaration of Proud Boys as a terrorist group. It is continuing to grow day by day across the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. This group calls themselves “Western chauvinists” as they wear black and yellow polo shirts, have been doing highly destructive demonstrations.

Also, this group is linked to the deadly United States demonstration that happened at US Capital. McInnes founded the group in 2016 to engage in the culture war and destroy western civilization. There is no room for a woman to join; it is strictly for males only.

The Canadian government has already declared Proud Boys as terrorists and now pressures are on Australian Authorities to help in countering the extremist group that is destroying the peace and stability of the country. The group has already started a demonstration against the Australia Day parade. Its members, who wear Proud Boys t-shirts that have its logo, are all over in different streets in Australia, creating tension and fear among the dwellers. Fear continues to spread due to a clash that was witnessed when protesters were attending an Invasion Day march, but police intervened and successfully controlled the situation. It is advocating for its cancellation of the official Australia Day parade.

The issue has raised alarm and leaders in the country continue to air their voice, one of them being Home affairs Minister Kristina Keneally, who has asked questions about the group’s activities and why it has not in the list of terrorist groups. She pointed out that Australia is one of the remaining countries and the other four, which are yet to make a declaration of this group as terrorists. She stated that some groups in Australia have direct links to other groups that have been declared as terrorist groups in Canada, New Zealand, and the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. Courts have the power and legal right to declare a group a terrorist if they are found beyond doubt that has prepared, planned, or assisted terrorism activities. Even though the minister for Home Affairs has no power to declare such groups as a terrorist, but can determine and make recommendations.

The minister continued to air her views, stating that the government of Scott Morrison is not taking action on the rise of white supremacy extremism in Australia. She pointed out on terrorist attack that happened in 2019 in the Christchurch, which was undertaken by terrorist Brendan Tarrant who killed 51 people.

To counter Proud Boys and other extremist groups, the minister of Home Affairs stated that the government has already given more funds to Australian Federal Police (AFP) and ASIO. The minister stated that there is no one blocking any declaration and advice that comes from Australia’s security experts is final and action is taken upon if the director-general of ASIO makes a judgment. The department of Home Affairs stated that there is a constant review of the Proud Boys group and others to be included in the terrorism group as their focus is on the threat and criminality that is brought up by the extremists.

Even though everyone is concerned, the department has not responded as to whether far-right groups are under review to be listed. ASIO has reported that the numbers of violent extremist groups are on the rise and has warned that some groups are employing Islamic radicalization ways to do their evil activities. Covid-19 pandemic is also being used to their advantage to recruit more members.

There is hope in the tunnel. ASIO Deputy Director has assured that agency will focus on counterterrorism to thwart violent plots planned by these groups. There is a new chair of the powerful joint committee on intelligence and security, his name is Senator James Paterson. He has assured that extremist movement and radicalism is the key priority.

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