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Vienna terrorist attack amidst lockdown

The Austria capital, Vienna, has recently come under fire as they experienced their first terrorist attack in decades.

On November 2nd, 2020, Vienna Austria went through an unthinkable incident that left the country scarred. A day before the new lockdown restrictions which would see the curfew moved from 12 am to 8 pm, a terrorist let rounds of bullets fly in a popular tourist and local destination. Vienna citizens were taking advantage of their last late curfew when an armed personal attacked in one of the most popular nightlife centers, the Bermuda Triangle. The attacker was carrying a rifle, a handgun, and a machete. The Vienna terrorist attack left 23 wounded, 7 in critical condition, and 4 dead. The 4 people who were lost consisted of a 44-year-old Austrian lady, a 39-year-old Austrian man, a 24-year-old German woman, and a 21-year-old Austrian man. Rumours were circulating that there may have been more than 1 attacker, but after hours of police scanning through video footage, they confirmed there was only 1. The attack started at roughly 8 pm, a few minutes later at 8:09 pm the terrorist was shot and killed, bringing an end to a night no one in Vienna Austria will forget.

Terrorism around Europe

Terrorism is no new thing around Europe, although Vienna Austria may have been cleared for a while, and there have been recent outbursts of it lately. A lot of European countries have stepped forward showing sympathy for the Vienna terrorist attack, although 1 more notable than most. After the assassination of a French teacher for showing uncited Muslim caricatures to his class, the French president knows the full weight of what terrorism can do. Some terrorists may be ISIS-related or sympathizers, this should not cast an unnecessary definition on Muslim people as a whole. Another attack at Notre-Dame de Nice, on October 19th, 2020, saw 3 killed and one beheaded. Its clear Europe has gone through some ghastly experiences as of recently, which emphasizes all the sympathy shown by each country’s leaders. This is what the French president, Emmanuel Macron, expressed the grief and shock felt for the people of Vienna Austria. He also stated that the countries stand together to fight and show the enemy what they are dealing with and that they will not give up. Even the current president of the United States of America went on to express his condolences and solidarity for the Austria Capital, stating their prayers are with Vienna. Trump goes on to say that the killing of innocent people by terrorists must stop, he says he stands with all of Europe to fight terrorism and radical Islamic attacks. Terrorism of all kinds affects more than Europe though, allowing all to sympathize with Austria and Vienna after this cruel attack. While the attack is horrific, it’s incredible for all these leaders to step forward in unity to fight against injustice.

Austria capital may find a way to move forward

While terrorism is likely unavoidable, it is to be noted the immigration laws may be able to lighten the load of the attacks. This is an issue Brexit was hoping to conquer, requiring a visa and strict background checks for people to enter the country. The lack of border control is something that is continually brought up, especially after the attack happened. It’s not necessary to completely ban Islamic countries from entering, as seen by Trump’s “immigration” tactics, but rather doing better background checks. It’s unclear what will happen from here on out, but it’s safe to say that Vienna Austria will be more cautious of these things potentially happening in the future. All we can do is stand in solidarity with Vienna and Austria as they move towards a better, safe future and mourn the loss of their people.

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