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Macron’s support of blasphemy led Al-Qaeda to threaten him with a fatal encounter

The jihadi extremist group Al-Qaeda has encouraged its members to kill anyone who is involved in the blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad, and they also frightened French head of state Emmanuel Macron due to his comments on religion Islam, in which he used negative words for Muslims and Islam and called Muslims showing “separatism.” He also gave a hate speech to Islam, saying, “it is the most suffering religion worldwide.”

A month ago, cartoons that showed the Prophet Muhammad were published, and the president defended the publication by calling it “freedom of speech.” This ignited Muslim emotions, and a chain of campaigns started across all the Muslim world.

“Every Muslim has a right to end each and everybody who disrespects the Prophet Muhammad,” Al-Qaeda gave a statement.

Smaul Paty, working as a French instructor showed cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad during a lesson on “the freedom to express anything.” An Al-Qaeda member harassed the teacher, and Macron could not stay quiet on it. Camron protected this action on the same grounds stating that everyone can exercise their freedom of speech.

After that, the French weekly Charlie Hebdo illustrated the controversial cartoons again in September. It is a very infamous magazine for publishing anti-Islam things. It is not something new for Muslims. For the past two decades, different newspapers have printed provocative cartoons against Islam and Muslims, showing them terrorists and insulting their things. Last year it published unpleasant cartoons about Prophet Muhammad and also Islam. Macron justified these actions by telling them freedom of speech, but a layer of aggression prevailed all around the Muslim count. It hurts their feelings of love for their Prophet. A lot of them have pledged a French product boycott. Muslims are vehemently protesting against this hurtful act, and they have continued the campaign to boycott all the French products. In Paris, outside the main office of Islamophobic Charlie Hebdo, two suspected persons were arrested who later confessed that they aimed to take revenge for the offensive and provocative content published by them.

“Boycotting French products is our duty, but it is not only we need,” stated Al-Qaeda. They also threatened the French president to take revenge for his comments. Al-Qaeda called Macron “too young and inexperienced to handle the administration and have a little brain.” They also protested in contradiction to the insult of Prophet Muhammad. A lot of Muslim and non-Muslim countries have condemned this act and called it “immaturity” and “non-sense.” Macron also said in his statement that he never wanted to hurt Muslims’ feelings, but I’m trying to save the people from the dangers of “radical Islam,” especially the Muslims themselves. He added that he respects and understands the emotions of the Muslim public, but he will always provide his public with an opportunity to talk, sing, publish, and draw freely. He also said that the offensive publications were not a governmental plan, but an independent paper published them. He also said that the religion of Islam that is entrapped in calamity and it needs to be modified according to needs. 

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