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New MI5 Chief Reported Terrorism hazards to the UK

The MI5  director has reported that the UK’s country security might be at stake because of the terrorists’ threats from quickly increasing right-hand terrorism due to both these countries named China and Russia.

Mr Ken McCallum who is the current director of MI5 has pointed out over-extremism by Northern Irish and Islam as terroristic threats to the world’s peace. He added that with an increase in the coronavirus pandemic, virtual communication among such people has risen. Hence, covert security is now getting more complicated.

Mr McCallum is the currently operating director-general at MI5 from April. This man is a healthy, energetic, Glaswegian mathematician. He spoke while attending his career’s 1st briefing in front of the media, he reported the following main points:

●      China’s role in the global spying game

●      MI5 recent policies and rules about police authorization to crimes

●      Updates on MI5 steps to prevent Corona spread

Mr McCallum was noticed very confident to face the media-camera in his first appearance. He said that in his opinion, MI5 should improve its visibility in making and accepting new collaborations.

Effect of Corona pandemic

According to the director-general of MI5, security during Covid is getting more challenging to carry out because MI5’s watching activities are getting more conspicuous. As reported by him, their team works hard to install devices like microphones and other gadgets to have close and vigilant surveillance.

Moreover, he added that keeping the social distance at Thames house among the key workers during duty hours is another challenge. Many other departments such as data analysts, scientists,  medically qualified members, but other researchers from relevant fields are being helped to assist NHS with the Covid vaccine because they must save the research going on the formation of the vaccine from any hazard theft.

How Terror is Worsening the Situation

The current director of MI5 said that even after the long war against jihad and terrorism, many people are still following the same school of thought and ideology. And these people are getting high active with their swift and normal plots that are more secret than ever before. So, it is getting harder to locate them.

He reported that almost 950 UK linked terrorists have moved to war-ridden areas like Syria. And most of them are either murdered, sent to other nations, or are held in Syria. He is afraid of the new right-hand terrorism hazard, where MI5 overtook the UK police authorities in April.

According to Mr McCallum, 8 out of twenty-seven terrorist plans plotted in recent 4 years were by right-hand terrorism. He added that most jihadists are youths that indicate the issue has been lingering for a long.

MI5 shares documents with a few agencies of Europe, especially with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including other Countries – United States,  New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. But so far, they have not got any appreciable results.

Role of another country Agents

Mr McCallum said that the espionage of the three countries China, Russia, and Iran, getting more severe and complicated. People have threats like economic, academic, infrastructural, and democratic dangers.

MI5 is striving to check and investigate any suspicious activities by any individual or group to maintain peace but security in the environment and cyber circle. According to his speech, China dealings need a tricky balance because problems like climatic change need to be discussed while staying robust in facing the country’s secret activity.

He seemed inspired and focused on bringing updates in the law to criminalize foreign espionage officially inside Britain. He analogized Russia as bad weather while China likes a climatic variation.

Use of surveillance cameras:

When the current director of MI5 has got his position, he has been interested in developing the latest technology, especially AI, or you may say advanced ML in other words.

As spoken by him, the jailed suspect is dragged through many modern gadgets that contain data in bulk. As per State rules, the police have permission to keep a suspect in their custody for not more than 14 days, and finding out court usable proofs and clue against him may take a longer delay.

Artificial intelligence works faster to collect strong proofs. The CCTV footage was also pointed out as an excellent help for the same purpose.

His words were, “Artificial Intelligence has very remarkable appropriateness for the work of MI5.”

Stopping all Attack Is Difficult – Impossible to Some Extent

The incident in the Manchester attacks in 2017 resulted in criticism from the public about the services and efficiency of MI5 in stopping such fatal attacks. However, two detailed reviews were made that looked deeply at the facts behind every attack, but the law well litigated Hashem Abedi who is the relative of the attacker.

The current director of MI5 said that we are trying our best but predicting and stopping all planned attacks are not practically possible.

Serving the public and country since 2012, the current director of MI5 is disrupting private life because of his jobs as investigating team leader still; he said that he always stays worried about the safety situations of the UK and its people.

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