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The Netherlands Is Expected To Go Under Attack; Loners More Exposed To Risk

The world isn’t as good a place as we sometimes feel. According to reports, individuals in the Netherlands are vulnerable to the effects of radicalization or have previously been radicalized, and these developments can present a serious threat to other individuals. While there are no signals of the Netherlands planning for an attack but there is still an underground risk running, which indicates that the risk could materialize.

The incidents happening throughout the European region are often unplanned and often executed by people living alone. Few victims are prey to these attacks, and Netherland also faces its fair share of jihadist threats; those threats have also not disappeared. The fifty-third NCTV threat assessment issued by the national coordinator for security and counter-terrorism assigned these threats a score of three out of 5.


The coronavirus epidemic has resulted in a surge of societal and governmental dissatisfaction that has manifested itself online and offline. Many people have grouped in attempts to reject the ruling regime and their policies. Ideological motivations are also not the primary driving powers with this.

These motives have been borne by the feelings of unfairness, inequality, extreme uneasiness, and a diverging view of reality. Misinformation and conspiracy theories have also resulted in a large population having difficulty trusting the administration, science, and conventional media. Social media also facilitates a mobilizing role in promoting this type of dissatisfaction and the relatively wide-ranging and campaigner front.

The Right-Wing Extremist Threat Of Violence

The procedures taken to regulate the coronavirus outburst have not ended up in a conceivable risk of right-wing extremism in the Netherlands. These groupings usually are small and separated, and they stick to present themes. Most of these individuals’ engagement is via digital platforms and social media, where they engage and radicalize using their interactions with people sharing similar views. In these situations, a right-wing activist attack remains a conceivable possibility due to online advancements.

ISIS Reviving In Syria And Iraq

ISIS has been recently showing a heightened level of movement in Syria and Iraq. After the caliphate’s collapse, there has been a significantly decreased threat of attack, but there is still the existence of a threat and a possibility. ISIS also still intends to keep on attacks in European nations. This alliance has also been making attempts to set up groups and networks that allow followers and adherents of ISIS to contact Syria members because the travel bans have restricted ISIS member’s capacity to travel back to Europe.

The Unpredictability Of The Jihadist Movement

The Dutch jihadist movements’ effect on the Netherlands has weakened significantly due to social and ideological disintegration, dwindling enthusiasm, and the lack of influential leaders and activists. The threat faced cannot be predicted accurately because most activities are non-violent, with certain dutch activists expressing a commitment to carry out jihadists attacks in the Netherlands.

Caution and watchfulness are required relating to some persons in the organization, with the upcoming times being crucial and a decisive factor for the jihadist movement. Additional disintegration can lead to a less responsive and diminishing environment for the jihadists returning to society from imprisonment, and this will require relentless and incessant governmental pressure and the continual use of oppressive measures.

Salafi Activists Continue Their Activities

Many protestors are trying to take advantage of the global situation and create political influence through their propaganda. They are working towards instigating and mobilizing their followers, and this pertains to specific cases; an example would be of the harmony with the imam of Assoennah mosque in the Hague. It also applies to the sacked director of the Cornelious Haga Lyceum secondary school and political problems like the Dutch parliamentary committee’s article of inquiry into undesirable influencing.

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